Bulk Drexan Multi Trace

$1,950.00 - $3,802.50

Product Overview

This is for bulk orders with no connections. Full 500' bundles or 1000' spools only. If you are experienced this is a great way to get the best product at the best pricing.
MultiTrace is a versatile self-regulating heating cable suitable for freeze protection of metallic and non-metallic piping as well as roof & gutter de-icing. MultiTrace is ideally suited for applications in commercial and residential construction.
MultiTrace is designed to maintain temperatures up to 150°F/65°C and can withstand temperatures up to 185°F /85°C. MultiTrace is certified to all applicable CSA/UL (CUS) standards for use throughout North America, as well as ATEX 2014/34/EU for global applications. MultiTrace is suitable for metallic and non-metallic roofs, gutters, pipes, tanks and vessels.
Drexan MultiTrace was Designed and built for the harshest conditions, it works well for both Roof and gutter deicing and pipe trace applications. It is used by many experienced professionals across the world because of its excellent performance and long life span. Drexan is manufactured to the highest standards and last longer and performs better than any other equivalent self regulating heat cable on the market. Drexans unique manufacturing process make it superior to all other heat cables.
Drexan Multitrace heat cable is available in both 120V and 208v/240v/277v options With 3 Different Heat Outputs Depending on your needs.
5 Watt @50 Degrees F
-Great for most roof and gutter applications, General pipe freeze protection, 
8 Watt @50 Degrees F
- Great for High Snowfall roof and gutter applications, Pipe Freeze in protection in extreme Cold, Good for use in Metal roof panel deicing systems 
10 Watt @50 Degrees F
- Great for Extreme Roof and gutter freeze protection, Excellent for pipe temperature maintenance, large pipe freeze protection.

Please see the applicable Spec Sheet for the Maximum length for, Wattage, Voltage and Circuit size

Download the MultiTrace spec sheet

Heat Cable Construction



  • Certified for maintain temperatures up to 150 °F (°C) and withstand temperatures up to 185 °F (85 °C).
  • Rugged water and UV resistant polyolefin jacket.
  • Certified to all applicable CSA (CUS) and ATEX standards. 
Electrical Installation Requirements
GROUND-FAULT PROTECTION: Global Electrical Codes require ground-fault protection of components and each heating cable branch circuit to reduce the danger of fire caused by continuous electrical arcing resulting from improper installation or damage to the heating cable. Conventional circuit protection may not be suitable for preventing electrical arcing. Following are some of the ground-fault breakers that satisfy this equipment protection requirement: Square D Type QOB-EPD or QO-EPD and Cutler Hammer (Westinghouse) Type QBGFEP.

Download the MultiTrace spec sheet