Drexan Self-Regulating Cable (Per ft.)


Custom lengths of cable with end seal and power options professionally installed.
Drexan Self-Regulating Cable (Per ft.)
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Drexan Self-Regulating Cable (Per ft.)
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Drexan Self-Regulating Cable (Per ft.)
Unheated Extension (Quantity = ft.)
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Hardwire - 3ft unheated SJEOOW power cord spliced onto end of heat cable for easier hardwiring. For a longer cord, select hard wire and purchase "Unheated Extension"



Plug (120v Only) - 3-prong power cord spliced onto the end of cable. Approximately 8ft long. For a longer cord, select this plug and purchase "Unheated Extension" Only available for 120V applications. 



Plug with GFEP - In-line 30 milliamp GFEP (Ground Fault Equipment Protection) spliced onto the end of cable. Length is approximately 4ft long and uses either a 120V or 240/277 based on the cable selected on your order. GFEP protection is required on all self-regulating cable systems according to the National Electric Code and can be installed with a GFEP Plug or with a GFEP breaker in your electrical panel.




Unheated Extension - SJEOO Cord spliced between heat cable and and selected power option to reach power location without additional load to circuit in use (1.61 Ω per 1000ft)



Drexan Multi-trace Self Regulating Heat Cable is designed to protect pipes, roofs and gutter systems against damage from freezing or ice buildup and is rated for both commercial and residential use. Cable is warrantied for ten years to be free from production defects.

  • Ground Fault Protection (GFEP) required on the system. Either in-line with the cable or with a GFEP breaker for the circuit.
  • Anchoring kit required for roof edges
  • UL Listed
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Bus Wire Size: 16 AWG
  • Weight: 0.84 lb./10 ft. (125 g/m)
  • Cable Dimensions: 0.51 x 0.22 in. (13.0 x 5.7 mm)

MultiTrace is designed to maintain temperatures up to 150°F/65°C and can withstand temperatures up to 185°F /85°C. MultiTrace is certified to all applicable CSA/UL (CUS) standards for use throughout North America, as well as ATEX 2014/34/EU for global applications. MultiTrace is suitable for metallic and nonmetallic roofs, gutters, pipes, tanks and vessels.

  • Drexan MultiTrace Heat Cable is available in both 110v/120v and 208v/240v/277v options with 3 different heat outputs depending on your needs. 5 watt @ 50° F
  • Great for most roof and gutter applications, general pipe freeze protection, 8 watt @ 50° F
  • Great for high snowfall roof and gutter applications, pipe freeze in protection in extreme cold, good for use in metal roof panel deicing systems 10 watt @ 50° F
  • Great for extreme roof and gutter freeze protection, excellent for pipe temperature maintenance, large pipe freeze protection



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