T-stat With GFEP Controller

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Product Overview

This Controller is built to withstand the test of time, Our Highly reliable adjustable thermostat is made with 304 Stainless steel that will not rust or corrode. It is an industrial thermostat that is simple to use.

Many Thermostats for Pipe Tracing and roof and gutter deicing are set at a fixed point and cannot be adjusted, This makes it difficult if the thermostat is in an area that receives direct sunlight and or is close to a warm wall and will cause the thermostat to not turn on. However Our thermostat is able to be adjusted to be able to be adjusted for these situations and is able to reliably control whatever your product may be. 

This Controller is housed in a Nema 4x outdoor Rated waterproof Box with Easy to open latches. The box also includes mounting tabs and a hole to secure the box with a small padlock or tamper evident tag.

Our Thermostat with GFEP Includes a ground fault protection device with a 30mA ground fault  trip to comply with Global Electrical Codes that require Electrical radiant heating cable to have Ground Fault Protection with a 30mA trip Rating. By Integrating in a GFEP into the thermostat it eliminates the need for an expensive and hard to find GFEP breakers that are put in the breaker panel. These Breakers can cost anywhere from $120 to $375 for just the breaker in a residential Breaker panel. 

Our Thermostat also includes a Bright LED Indicator Lamp that will let you know that your System is on and running when the temperature drops below the set point.

Our thermostat with GFEP Is Rated to Handle 120V-277V up to 32A and is adjustable from 0 F-200 F